Mitre-Pro - The Fastest adhesive system for Wood & MDF profiles
The Professional 3 step instant adhesive system for Wood & MDF profiles.

400ml Activator,     50g adhesive,      200ml Activator.

One Two Three
Spray one side with the aerosol activator & allow to evaporate. Apply two - three small drops of adhesive to the other side Push the components together & hold for 5 seconds.

The result is a permanent strong joint

Mitre- Pro is an instant, strong and permanent adhesive system. Formulated specifically for use with Wood and MDF & laminate it is particularly useful in the fitted furniture, shop fitting & picture framing trades & ideal for fixing cornice, light rail, gallery rail, as well as numerous other trims and components in many other industries.

Mitre-Pro is so strong that only Two to three small drops of adhesive are needed for each application, it sets in 10 seconds, achieving an unusually thin glue line, without the necessity of clamping allowing the user to get on with the next job immediately. Mitre-Pro also bonds metals, plastics and rubber exceptionally well.

  • Sets in 10 seconds. Full strength is achieved after one hour.
  • Economical, The 50g adhesive is sufficient for 100+ jobs.
  • Only 2-3 drops of adhesive per application required.
  • Invisible glue line.
  • Clean tight joints every time.
  • Excellent strength.
  • Excellent temperature resistance +180°c -55°c.
  • Excellent chemical resistance.
  • Thousands of Applications.
With over Three million units sold Worldwide, Mitre-Pro is clearly the winner.