Kolor-Bond - Waterproof Worktop Joint Sealant
Waterproof Worktop Joint Sealant
The perfect Worktop joint. It bonds, it seals, it's watertight.
Over 400 hundred colours to match ALL the Laminates


KolorBond is specifically developed and formulated for sealing joints in kitchen worktops. Since 1994 it has undergone constant in house testing and is the only sealant of it's type to have passed the rigorous testing procedure of the F.I.R.A.

KolorBond is not only an excellent waterproof sealant it also contains excellent bonding and anti fungi agents, insuring the strongest and the most hygienic worktop joint possible.

KolorBond is not too viscous to force the joint apart, instead it's semi-gel formula seals the chipboard core against moisture ingress and at the same time provides a perfect colour match to the surface of the laminate, giving the appearance of an almost invisible joint. It will not run and begins to dry after 10-15 minutes so there's plenty of time to assemble the components without the fear of drying. After curing, the joint is completely impervious to attack from heat, direct sunlight, moisture and domestic chemicals.

KolorBond is currently available in over 400 colours as standard. new colours are being added to the collection on a monthly basis. Special colours can be mixed upon receipt of a laminate sample.

KolorBond is supplied in  70g bottles as standard. Various other packaging options are available including own brand.

Kolor-Bond - Waterproof Worktop Joint Sealant
  • Available in over 400 colours
  • Rigorously tested by F.I.R.A
  • Exactly matches the laminate surface
  • Provides and excellent waterproof seal of excellent strength
  • Completely solvent free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Impervious to domestic chemicals and detergents once dried
  • Anti fungi agents ensure the most hygienic joint
  • Cleans off with a damp cloth
  • 20 Minutes working time
  • Colours can be mixed
  • Also suitable for repairing small chips & scratches in laminates
  • Special packaging & own brand available.
Kolor-Bond - Waterproof Worktop Joint Sealant Kolor-Bond - Waterproof Worktop Joint Sealant Kolor-Bond - Waterproof Worktop Joint Sealant
Apply a liberal amount of Kolor-Bond to both sides of the joint to be sealed and bring surfaces together. After 10-20 minutes Wipe off excess with a spatula and damp cloth. There it is! It's glued, it's watertight, it's almost invisible and that's guaranteed.