Topform Products UK Ltd is an ethically-motivated Company pledged to play a practical role in protecting the environment for future generations.
We accept that waste is an inevitable by-product from industry but believe that our proper disposal within the confines of our ‘enclosed’ planet is a major factor in determining the quality and sustainability of our environment.
We believe the ‘discard at will’ activities of previous generations is now un-sustainable and seek to develop our expertise in the managed collection and refuse of valuable raw materials.
In this way we hope to help the environmental cause by:
  Reducing the amount of waste going to landfill or incineration.
  Conserving finite resources.
  Promoting environmentally-friendly waste disposal.
Our Commitment
At the core of our company’s commitment is the provision of environmentally-sound and operationally-safe waste management.
To this end Topform Products UK Ltd will seek to:
  Invest in a programme of on-going training to ensure that all employees are familiar with all relevant waste disposal processes, procedures and legislation and are aware of the environmental significance of what they do.
  Maximise the percentage and range of waste recycled by the company.
  Improve environmental awareness and performance throughout the company by providing advice, guidance and practical assistance to customers seeking to ‘green’ their waste management procedures.
Practicing what we preach
We accept that as an organisation encouraging environmental good practice among our commercial peers we must set a ‘green’ example ourselves. We will do this by:
  Operating our own strict Environmental Management System.
  Committing ourselves to continuous registration to the environmental quality standard so that our environmental programme is measured against the best objective assessment available.
All staff have a role to play in helping Topform Products work towards achieving this policy. This policy is made available to all employees.
We are dedicated to using Environmentally Friendly suppliers: